17 February 2004

On the Local Front 

This post is entirely of interest to citizens of Orlando, Florida. The rest of my readers might find something of value here… more national stuff soon, I promise.

OK, now that they’re gone: fellow citizens of the rat hole, we have some choices to make on March 9th that will, at least in theory, affect the way our city is run. As it is the duty of all amateur pundits to endorse candidates and/or speculate on elections, I will.

We officially endorse Ken Mulvaney for Mayor of Orlando, if for no other reason than I’ve enjoyed a few pints in his pub. Yes, I know full well about the smacked-up skeletons in his closet… his ideas are good for local business – not just Universal and Disney – so he gets my vote (and Dyer’s going to win anyway).

On the referendum, we vote “Duh”… of course city officials should live in the city.

We conclude with the even less exciting city commission seats:

District 2: We enthusiastically endorse Luis Pastrana – Wyman's worn out her welcome.
District 4: We less than enthusiastically endorse Patty Sheehan, and predict her reelection.
District 6: See previous half-hearted endorsement, but substitute Ernest Page. Score one for diversity!

One parting request: should any of you happen to be Democrats, how’s about throwing a vote Howard Dean’s way while you're there? You know, for old time’s sake?

16 February 2004

New Links and a New Direction 

To any and all reading these words, I offer my sincere apologies for the past fortnight's lack of content. You see, I've been suffering from a Kerry-induced depression... and the long lines at the passport office kept me rather occupied.

Lest anyone consider me a hypocrite, I will now state for the record that I was wrong... it does certainly appear that Howard Dean will NOT be the Democratic nominee. In case you're wondering about my ballot in November, I'd say there's a strong chance I'll vote for the Libertarian candidate, and an almost equal chance that I will write in the good doctor's name. Democrats take note - I represent a sample of the population that you are not reaching, and there are enough of us out there to cost you the election.

Maybe if you actually stood for something....

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